L&A Vape Ltd. started in 2010 as a small family business with a production under laboratory conditions. We payed special attention to the quality of the product and the needs of our clients. Now that our production expanded to the next level we continue to guarantee the quality of our products by following strict technological procedures, work with proven recipes, use only certified European suppliers for our raw materials and test each of our production batches in accredited independent laboratories.
The years of hard work gave us the experience needed to manifest our ideas into reality with the L&A Vape products. Paying special attention to the details, we have created a base with the purest ingredients and a balanced recipe offering maximum vapor production and flavor intensity. With the help of leading European manufacturers, we developed wide variety of unique flavors that will satisfy the most sophisticated tastes
L&A Vape Ltd. offers loyal partnership and flexible terms to all of our partners. We will always deliver a high quality product, offer specific discounts and personalized terms for each individual partner.


The L&A Vape e-liquid is made with high quality ingredients of European origin. It is offered in various nicotine strengths and a wide variety of unique flavors. Developed with a balanced VPG recipe and suitable for all vaporising devices, our liquid offers clouds of vapor and intense flavor. The manufacture and distribution of our nicotine containing e-liquid complies with all European regulations.

Concentrated flavors L&A VAPE

Our flavors, created specifically for e-liquid are developed to preserve their structure at high temperatures allowing you to enjoy the full flavor quality when vaping. Whether it’s a smooth all day vape tobacco or a sophisticated sweet dessert flavor, we are certain that you will and Your flavor with L&A Vape.

Shake&Vape premixes

In our effort to satisfy all of our client’s needs, we have created the Shake & Vape project which allows vapers to be creative and enjoy their favourite flavors and e-liquid without limitations. The Shake & Vape premixes include nicotine free e-liquid with empowered flavor. You can easily add nicotine shots to reach the desired nicotine strength without sacrificing the flavor.


Various PG/VG recipes, nicotine strength and volume

We offer Bases with wide variety of PG/VG ratio and nicotine strength from 0 to 20mg/ml. We produce custom recipes in volumes from 10 to 1000ml by our client’s request.

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